How much will your Borehole Drilling cost?

How Much Does Borehole Drilling Cost in Nigeria?

₦120,000 to ₦650,000 on average
Borehole drilling is the most efficient and common way to have constant water supply. It can either be done through a manual drilling method or a heavy duty drilling method. Meanwhile, the average price of the manual drilling method is from ₦120, 000 - ₦300,000 while heavy duty drilling costs ₦250,000 – ₦650,000. The cost of materials, location, and also number of contractors could affect the price of borehole drilling.

Types of Borehole Drilling and their Prices

The cost of borehole drilling is highly dependent on the method you are using. There are two main methods of borehole drilling in Nigeria. Both methods are going to be discussed below:

Manual Borehole Drilling Method

The manual drilling method takes time and several contractors to accomplish. On average, it costs ₦120,000 to ₦300,000 depending on the location, and the number of contractors. It usually takes 7-10 people to do, and it can be done for 7-14 days. It is the cheapest type of borehole drilling. The Borehole drillers can charge you per hour, day or meter. The quotes of borehole drilling price cost per meter are more common.

Heavy Duty Borehole Drilling Method

The Heavy duty method makes use of borehole drilling machines and other equipment. On average, it costs ₦250,000 – ₦650,000 depending on the location and number of contractors. It usually takes just 2-3 people to do, and it can be done within 3-7 days. Moreover, this method of borehole drilling has been perceived to produce cleaner water than the other methods of borehole drilling. It is also less time-consuming and easier to do.

Types of Drilling Machines and Their Prices

The different types of heavy-duty drilling machines and prices
Machine Name Price Range Remarks
Crawler mounted well drilling rig ₦10 million – ₦32 million It is very suitable for drilling boreholes in muddy areas (won’t get stuck). It can also be used to drill into rocks that are not too hard trailer trailer
Trailer mounted well drilling rig ₦4 million – ₦8 million It can be used for air, foam, or mud rotary and percussive drilling according to different geological conditions
Tricycle mounted well drilling rig ₦4 million – ₦7 million It can easily make turns and is very flexible. It can also be used for any water drilling, soil sampling, and even mining
Truck mounted well drilling rig ₦12 million – ₦40 million It can be used to drill in places where there are hard rocks. It can also travel large distances water
Water well core drilling rig ₦8 million – ₦15 million It has a high rotary speed. It also ensures faster and more effective drilling

A borehole drilling machine

Things to Consider when Hiring a Borehole Driller

  • Budget: Your budget is a priority in drilling a borehole. It would determine the type of borehole you drill and also enhance your bargaining skills. In short, you need to consider the amount of money you can afford before hiring a borehole drilling company or group of contractors to drill your borehole.
  • Type of soil: It is best to contact professionals through a borehole drilling company because some soils have stones beneath them. This can hinder the manual borehole drilling process halfway and you would need the heavy-duty method to finish the task. Therefore, it is best to allow a professional to tell you what is best so you can avoid the double cost.
  • Time frame: Your time frame is another factor. If you want your borehole to be ready as soon as possible, you’ll have to hire a borehole drilling company that can do a heavy-duty method of drilling.
  • Reputation: Before hiring a borehole drilling company, take a close look at the work they’ve done for others. Ensure that they can do perfect work with no mistakes.
  • Location: You need to also consider the location of the borehole drilling company or contractors you’re hiring. Contractors from far locations will inevitably charge more based on the logistics and movement of the drilling machine. Different places in Nigeria charge differently, this is why the cost of borehole drilling in Abuja is different from the cost of borehole drilling in Lagos.

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Factors That Influence The Price of Borehole Drilling

  • Location: Your location is a major factor that affects the cost of drilling a borehole. Things in certain states are more expensive than in other states. For example, if you’re located in a big city like Lagos or Abuja, the price may increase based on the cost of living. Both your location and that of your contractor would affect the price. Similarly, the cost of materials in your location would affect the price.
  • Type of borehole drilling: The type of borehole drilling you desire, affects the price. The manual type is relatively cheaper than heavy-duty borehole drilling. Your choice of the type of borehole drilling method would also affect the price.
  • Accessibility of water: Borehole drilling in Lagos is cheap considering that it is a riverine area. But this is different for places like Kaduna and Kano where water is relatively scarce. For example, borehole drilling companies in Abuja would charge more than borehole drilling companies in Ibadan due to water accessibility.
  • Number of contractors: Manual type of drilling makes use of more contractors than the heavy-duty drilling type. Every worker is paid based on the number of hours and days they work. The number of contractors would affect the cost of drilling your borehole.
  • Electricity: During borehole drilling, electricity has to be constant. In cases where constant electricity is an issue in your environment, the use of a generator would incur extra costs.

Benefits of Drilling a Borehole in Nigeria

  • Long-term investment: Drilling a water borehole is a long-term investment. Although it may be expensive to have, it lasts for over fifteen to twenty years with proper maintenance. During which, it would cost next to nothing to run and maintain. A cheaper kind of water system may also cost more in maintaining than the initial cost of drilling a water borehole. Therefore, borehole water is an asset.
  • Health benefits: The water you get when you dig 100m – 200m below is clean and safe. This clean water helps avoid sicknesses and diseases such as typhoid, cholera, etc. Most importantly, the water doesn’t need any kind of extra purification, it is safe for drinking, bathing, and other uses.
  • Easy to maintain: A well-constructed borehole is very easy to maintain. There could be routine checkups from your servicing company which has minimal costs. You would only have to clean the storage of the water from time to time.
  • Constant supply: The good thing about drilling a borehole is that the water never runs out. With good electricity, you would certainly have access to clean water constantly.
  • Saves money: Having your source of water on your property will save you time and money. You won’t be paying people to supply water for you constantly. You’ll also no longer have to draw water from wells. Meanwhile, selling a property with a drilled borehole will bring more profit and faster buyers. Drilling a borehole is an asset and not a liability.
  • Source of income: Drilling a borehole, can also serve as a constant source of income. People in your neighborhood can purchase water from you, which can serve as a source of income for you. This would work if you stay in a place where water and electricity are both scarce.

water gushing from a pipe

How to Save Money on Borehole Drilling

  • Bargain: To save money on borehole drilling, you’ll need to bargain. Bargaining helps you get the lowest possible price for any type of borehole drilling you want. Meanwhile, if you are going to use the manual drilling method. The average cost of borehole drilling per meter is ₦2,000 – ₦10,000.
  • Consider the manual drilling method: If your budget can’t get the heavy-duty method, make use of the manual method. The goal is to get a borehole with access to good water.
  • Have your electricity source: Borehole drilling companies that also bring generators to drill your borehole, charge higher. Make use of your generator or electricity source to save costs. If you want to use borehole water for business, you should consider installing a solar panel, so you can continue to save costs after drilling. Similarly, you won’t have to buy fuel or wait for a power supply to access the borehole water.
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