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Frequently asked questions

Who is a therapist?

A therapist is a professional that diagnoses and treats people with mental and emotional disorder. They basically improve and maintain emotional and mental wellbeing.

Do we have therapists in Nigeria?

Yes, although they are not so many in Nigeria. You should also note that their numbers are increasing as the awareness for mental wellbeing increases.

How long does a therapy session last?

It can last from thirty minutes to few hours depending on the diagnosis of your therapist.

How do I know I need to see a therapist?

When you notice any decline in your emotional or mental wellbeing then you need to see a therapist. The common symptoms of this decline are; Anxiety, depression, Eating disorder symptoms, Negative thoughts, Feelings of worthlessness, Feelings of loneliness, Problems sleeping, Relationship issues, Stress, Social issues, Trauma etc.

When you notice one or some of this symptoms and it is persistent, see a therapist immediately. You don't have to wait for your condition to worsen before you see a therapist. You can do so when you are in doubt.

What type of therapist should I see?

This is is dependent on your condition. You can't see see a massage therapist for emotional issues tied with marriage. The same way you can't see a yoga therapist for an addiction.

The moment you have an idea what your condition is, you will know what kind of therapist suits you.

Can I find a therapist that will not charge more than ₦30,000?

Yes. Your mental and emotional state determines how much you will spend on therapy. Don't try to diagnose yourself by going online or researching symptoms on google. You should see a therapist.

It will be a lot cheaper if you visit a public hospital that has a therapist, but it might not be very convenient.

How often do I need to see a therapist?

This can be bi weekly, weekly or even once a month. Your mental and emotional condition, response to therapy, response to medication and some other factors will determine this.

Do you provide Therapy? Register your business for free to get Therapy jobs near you.
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