Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is VisCorner?VisCorner is a platform that makes it easy for customers to compare and hire reliable service providers.
What kind of services are offered on VisCorner?Different kind of services are offered on VisCorner. From home renovation to phone repair, you can hire for all your needs.
How does it work exactly?
1. Post a job to get responses from different service providers. 2. Compare the service providers based on their reviews, prices etc. 3. When you find the right service provider, contact them directly to hire them.
How many responses will I get and when will I hear back?You should expect to hear from at least 3 service providers and you should get your first response within few days.
How do I pay for a service?You can pay service providers directly or pay through VisCorner (vPayment). vPayment is a secure method of paying for your services as we only release payments to service providers 48 hours after the job completion date. Please note that you must report any problem within 48 hours by sending an email to
How much does it cost?VisCorner is completely free for customers.

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Service providers
What is VisCorner?VisCorner is a platform that makes it easy for service providers to find new customers.
How does VisCorner work?Register the services you offer on our platform. Customers in need of your services can easily contact you and we will notify you whenever a customer request the kind of service you provide. You can also browse our job page to reply to jobs that interest you.
What kind of services are offered on VisCorner?Different kind of services can be offered on VisCorner. No matter the work you do, VisCorner can help you grow.
How do customers find my business?
We do the marketing so you don’t have to. We actively promote your services to customers on search engines and social media. We also use direct marketing and other channels.
What costs are involved?It’s free to register your business on VisCorner but you need to pay a small fee to contact customers. The fee depends on the customer’s job.
Why do I need to fund wallet?It’s faster and cheaper to pay from your wallet. You will not have to enter your card or bank details every time you want to contact a customer. Apart from that, you will save bank processing cost as you do not have to pay from your bank account each time you want to contact a customer.
How do I fund my wallet?Click on wallet on the top right corner when you log in. Enter the amount you want to top up and click add to proceed to checkout.
Why is there a minimum top up amount?We introduced the wallet system to make your transaction faster and cheaper when you send quotes. The minimum top up amount ensures that the purpose of using the wallet system is not forfeited.
How does the New Service Provider Offer work?The New Service Provider Offer is for new professionals on VisCorner. We guaranty that you will get hired before you finish spending the ₦5000 you added to your wallet. If not, we will credit your wallet with ₦2000 to contact additional customers. In addition, we will work with you to review your VisCorner profile to improve your chances of getting hired. To be entitled for the offer, you must do the following:

  • Your VisCorner profile must be completed before you send quotes.
  • You must have a verified profile before you send quotes.
  • You must be willing to work with us and make the changes we recommend.

How do I get paid for the services I provide?Customers can pay you directly for your services or pay you via VisCorner depending on the agreement between you and the customer. Learn more about how vPayment works.
When do I receive the payments made on VisCorner?Payments are transferred 48 hours after the job completion date you agreed with the customer. Kindly note that if there is a problem with a service you have provided, the issue has to be resolved before we can transfer payment to you. Customers have 48 hours after the job completion date to report any problem.
How do I use vPayment?After a customer has decided to hire you and you’ve both agreed to use vPayment, fill in the contract form with the details of the job to be completed. The contract will be sent to the customer who will pay for the service if they are satisfied with the content. If not, they may ask you to modify the content before they make payment. You will get notified when the customer makes payment.
What if I am travelling or busy and I cannot take a job?You can simply hide your profile from your account page. That way, customers cannot contact you.

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