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Frequently asked questions

What should I consider before hiring a photographer?

A photographer is as good as the pictures he/she has taken. So you want to see their past works and decide if that matches your expectation.

You also want to consider your budget, make sure you are getting something worth the amount you are paying. Don't try to get something that is way higher than your budget you will end up getting disappointed.

What do I need to prepare for a photography session?

This depends on the kind of photo you want to take, you don't want to go for a business headshot dressed casually.

You can also speak with your photographer, to really let you know how to dress, they might have a better fashion sense. They can tell what colors, background, type of clothing and lighting that would suit their edits.

What is a portrait session or portrait photography?

Portrait photography is the photo of a person or group of people, with the person or those people as the focus of the image. It is common with portrait photography for the background to be blurred, allowing greater focus on the actual subject of the image.

Portrait photos are used for a variety of reasons. Whether this is to capture an event such as a wedding, engagement, for a business photo, or even to impress your friends with your new social media profile picture. This is the picture people usually frame and put in their offices and homes.

How much does a portrait session cost?

A portrait session should cost from ₦20,000 – ₦100,000.

How much does a birthday photoshoot cost?

A birthday shoot can cost from ₦3,000 - ₦15,000 depending on the desires of the client. It can be in the studio, a specific location or the photographer would have to be create something unique. All these affects the cost of birthday photoshoot.

Which type of photographer should I hire for my wedding?

You should hire a photographer that specializes in weddings. They are called wedding photographers.

If you are not going to hire a wedding photographer, which is a photographer that specializes in weddings. Then you should make sure you are hiring a professional with enough creative experience and editing skills.

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Do you provide Photography? Register your business for free to get Photography jobs near you.
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